Queens Lawyers Resolving Landlord-Tenant Disputes

In Queens and throughout the city, the law offices of Nathan Erlich, P.C., provides comprehensive real estate law services, including representation for landlord and tenant disputes. Our attorneys and staff have extensive experience representing clients in litigation and work hard to provide the successful resolutions that our clients deserve. If you are involved in a landlord-tenant dispute, you need representation as soon as possible.

At our firm, we appreciate the issues that landlords and tenants have to deal with that could lead to litigation, and the constantly changing rules and procedures of landlord and tenant law in New York State that could have an impact on our clients. Attorney Nathan Erlich and our dedicated team of lawyers and staff prosecute and defend parties who include tenants and subtenants, landlords, property managers and other parties to residential and commercial properties.

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Dealing With All Types of Disputes

For more than 20 years, our firm has represented clients on all landlord and tenant litigation matters, including:

  • Holdover and nonpayment proceedings
  • Tenant evictions
  • Wrongful evictions and illegal eviction proceedings
  • Summary proceedings
  • Yellowstone injunction actions
  • Breach of warranty of habitability
  • 7A and HP proceedings
  • DHCR proceedings
  • Lease agreement disputes
  • Bankruptcy

If you need legal advice about these and other issues, you can trust that the law offices of Nathan Erlich, P.C., has the experience necessary to help you understand how to proceed and how to resolve things through either litigation or settlement. For more than 20 years, Mr. Erlich has built a strong track record for effectively and efficiently resolving landlord-tenant disputes.

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From our main office in Forest Hills, Queens, our firm provides comprehensive real estate services for residential and commercial transactions, including the purchase and sale of property, lending and financing, taxation issues, and landlord-tenant disputes. Contact us for a free consultation by e-mail or by calling toll free at 877-518-7581.