Queens Commercial Buildings Lawyers

Commercial real estate is an industry that is fast-moving and relies on a comprehensive understanding of real estate law to help buyers and sellers make informed decisions. If you are looking to buy or sell commercial or residential property in Queens, Brooklyn or anywhere in the city, consult an experienced real estate attorney to see what options are available and what the best choices are for your unique situation.

At the law offices of Nathan Erlich, P.C, our lawyers and staff educate buyers and sellers, as well as developers, landlords and other parties to real estate transactions, about their options and help them to make wise, informed decisions. Our firm has practiced law for more than two decades, and we understand the risks and problems that can arise in the purchase or sale of a commercial building.

Honest and Responsible Answers for Your Transaction

Whether the property you are buying or selling is a store, factory, apartment complex or other business property, you likely have questions about how a law firm can provide help in a real estate transaction.

Our Queens commercial real estate attorneys will search for any problems with the property and get an idea of the property's history. We will calculate what the property is worth by using a business-financial model. Our firm can help you if you are looking for funding for your property or if you have questions about commercial mortgages and loan options. Our firm also ensures that complete and thorough title work is done and will be involved to make sure your commercial mortgages make sense.

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When hiring a lawyer for the purchase or sale of commercial buildings in New York, you need a firm with a background in accounting, finance and real estate. Our experience and legal knowledge can help you get the solutions you need, and protect your rights and your property in the future.

Contact us online or by calling The Law Offices of Nathan Erlich at 877-518-7581 for a free consultation at one of our area offices. We serve clients throughout the region, including in Flushing and Brooklyn.