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One of the most important decisions that you can make is to plan and provide for your family's future. Estate planning is a responsible way to provide for your family in the event that you die or are injured and can no longer make important decisions about your finances and your property.

At The Law Offices of Nathan Erlich, P.C., we believe that everyone who owns assets should have a will, and even those who do not own property should have a health care directive, living will and powers of attorney. Our firm can help you through the sometimes-complex issues involved in estate planning, so that you can feel confident that your family will be protected. At the same time, you can rest assured that you are working with attorneys who see no point in making something more complicated than it has to be. If a simple estate plan will fully protect your family, that is what we will recommend.

Our firm can help you understand the decisions you need to make and the implications of those decisions, including tax consequences. Our Queens estate planning lawyers and staff have nearly two decades of experience helping individuals and families draft wills, create estate plans and draft trusts of all sizes in New York state. Attorney Nathan Erlich is a member of the Financial Planning Association.

Responsible Estate Planning for Your Future

At The Law Offices of Nathan Erlich, we help individuals and their families through the following issues of estate planning:

  • Prepare wills and trusts
  • Prepare living trusts, which can control what happens to your property upon death and help avoid the probate process
  • Create life insurance trusts that keep proceeds out of the taxable estate and make sure that life insurance proceeds are protected for beneficiaries
  • Use tax structures to reduce the amount of estate tax that will be owed by beneficiaries
  • Prepare living wills, health care directives and powers of attorney
  • Use qualified personal residence trusts to protect the value of real estate you have accumulated over the years

Our firm stays up-to-date on changes in the tax laws that may affect your estate tax and what happens to your property and assets after you pass on. Our background in taxation, finance and real estate can ensure that you are making the correct, responsible decisions that will protect your family in the future.

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